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Do You Use Canvas as Covers in Your Yurts?

No, normally canvas is not used as a cover for several reasons. First, it cannot stand up to the sun’s UV rays. Even if you decide treated canvas, it still needs to be retreated with UV inhibitors and fire retardants in order to increase its chance for long-term survival outside.  What Other Fabrics Can Be […]

What Tools Do I Need to Set Up My Yurt?

Yurts are designed to be erected with minimal tools.  The number of tools required depends on how involved you plan on being during the construction phase. You can either get away with just a few basic hand tools or you may require access to larger, more professional equipment. Before getting into what tools are needed, […]

Can Yurts Get Moldy?

The question of whether or not yurts get moldy is a concern for many first-time yurt owners. So, do yurts get moldy?  Well, it depends… Yurts are pretty much airtight if constructed properly. What this means is that airflow can be a problem. And as in any house, if you have a build-up of moisture […]

Do People Live in Yurts Year-Round?

Amongst the more eco-friendly structures available, yurts have become very popular in the last few years. And you may be wondering, are year-round yurts an option? Do people live in yurts permanently? The answer to this is, definitely yes! The yurt has been used as a permanent dwelling for thousands of years by the nomadic […]

8 Yurt Friendly States

8 Most Yurt Friendly States Yurts are rising in popularity for use on campgrounds, corporate retreats, and even as affordable tiny homes. They’re an awesome alternative to cabins and other types of temporary structures due to the fact they’re typically built on a platform and can have plumbing and electrical added to them. At Yurts of America, […]