We put our 30 years of experience to work with a variety of standard options and structural advantages on all our yurts. The combination of dedicated craftsmanship and top-quality materials gives you the best value and the strongest yurt on the market:

• All our tent walls come in standard 7’ heights.

• The rafters are inserted with heavy-duty steel pegs. These provide the tightest, most stable fit with the roof ring.

• We fine-cut and bull-nose all the visible surfaces, and round off all roof rings. This gives a more pleasing look and eliminates splinters or sharp edges.

• We build lattices with furniture-grade finish cut poplar, 99 percent knot-free. All lattice wood is ¾ inches thick, giving it a longer life and heavier stress load.

• Sleeved aluminum wall rivets create a smooth interior look.

• We use industrial-grade fabric for the standard cover. This 19-oz, heavy-duty, reinforced fabric resists mildew, fire and UV light. It comes with a 10-year warranty and meets or exceeds California fire codes.

• Our yurts are constructed with a full heavy front door frame, with keyed deadbolt and doorknob. No sliding curtains here; you walk in like it’s the front door of your home!