Yurts for Sale in Iowa

Traditionally, a yurt is a large circular structure that is erected on wooden poles and covered with felt, textiles, or skin. Yurts originated thousands of years ago in Central Asia and were originally used by nomadic people. Today, yurts can be seen in many campgrounds in the United States where they are used as fun and comfortable alternatives to RV camping and tents.

Building a Yurt in Iowa

To build a yurt in Iowa, there will be some local regulations that you will need to work within in order to construct a yurt while remaining in code. These codes will vary from each town, city, and county. For example, the City Council of Iowa Falls recently altered their city code, reducing the minimum required house size from 600 square feet to 500 square feet.

You will also need to construct your yurt with appropriate insulation in order to be within the Iowa residential building code, which should not be an issue, as additional conductive insulation can easily be added to your yurt during the construction process. Additionally, as these are permanent structures that are being built, they will meet up to most codes and regulations regarding the construction, insulation, and heating.

You will also want to evaluate factors such as wind speeds, seismic ratings, snow loads, and fire safety in the region you intend to build your yurt. You will need to check with local zoning and ordinances to determine what requirements your structure will need to meet in order to secure a construction permit.

Get Yurts For Your Campground

If you own a campground in Iowa, it is a good idea to install yurts for your renters. They have great benefits over RVs and tents. They are energy efficient; they are a better fit for a natural setting, and they allow people to be close to nature.

If you are currently shopping for yurts to install them on your campground. Yurts of America is the right place for the best and high-quality yurts in the United States. We use the finest design, the best materials, and superior engineering to build high-quality yurts. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you are ready to order a yurt.

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